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Who we are? Why choose us?

Our dedicated team consists of experts in finance, economics, and law, but also occupational, business and behavioural psychology. We’re on a mission to provide you with a holistic and structured approach to overcoming obstacles and helping you achieve your personal and professional objectives. Our approach is based on psychology, science and authentic compassion so that we’ll help you succeed, no matter your goal.

We’ll serve as your confidante, your negotiation partner, your guide, and your friend. Our team will provide fully personalised support and advice on different situations, from travel and relocation to expert time management to help you get things done well and done on time.

Services for Individuals

Personal Assistant for All Your Needs

Do you require a professional assistant to manage your days (including weekends) from start to finish? We will get you connected with a professional assistant who will be right by your side to organise and even micromanage your daily affairs. Many A-list celebrities, politicians, athletes, affluent individuals, and entrepreneurs have enjoyed our assistant services and all the benefits it brings.

Personal Consulting and Management

Our personal consultant will be your guide to looking and feeling fantastic throughout the day. From time management and fitness to etiquette and relationships, get the best advice to attain your dream lifestyle and career. Highly personalised advice to help you live to the fullest. In addition, our management services will help you maintain your daily schedule, no matter how many flights, birthdays, children’s parties or other priorities you have set. We also offer bespoke travel consulting and management advice, so safe to say, you’re all covered.

Personal Networking

True success comes from the habits you do every day, not from an activity you do now and then. Connecting with the right people to complement and improve your lifestyle is an important contributor to that genuine success. If you want to catch your next big break and take your career your personal life to the next level, you need to build a network of the right contacts, friends, and associates. Our lifestyle networking expert will advise you on the relationships to cultivate and those to avoid, offering actionable tips for both options.

Event Management

Our select event management consultant will sit down with you to fully understand the goals and outcomes of each event, focusing on vendors, logistics, site management, marketing, program development, or any other objective you might have. Together, you will develop a carefully customised approach so that your event can win your audience over.

Media Engagement

Today’s consumers demand more choice, variety, and quality than ever before, so you need to have all your media affairs in order. We’ll help you connect with the right media and PR agencies, journalists, influencers, talk show hosts, B2B information companies, publishing companies, and entertainment powerhouses to help you reach out with your message and offer a presentation that shows your brand in the best possible light.

Coalition and Influence

Do you need to form a special coalition or team to achieve brand goals or personal objectives? Is there a certain market you want to influence with your products, services, or ideas, while also setting a high bar for everyone else in the field? There’s plenty of research that indicates that collaborating can influence your target segment with the right messaging, and a coalition is far more effective than an in-house team or solo efforts. Our influence experts have you covered and can help you build your dream team.

Partnerships, Talents, and Influencer Engagement

With the right talent acquisition and influencer engagement, your competitors won’t know what hit them! In the world of strategic business partnerships, top-level talent acquisition and connections with leading influencers in any given industry, we offer solutions to build brand excellence and success.

Financial Management

Great financial strategies, planning, and management help you adapt and prepare for whatever is coming. Even wealthy individuals, celebrities, athletes, and top entrepreneurs found themselves struggling when the pandemic hit, turning to savvy financial management to save the day. Who knows what is coming next? One of the central aspects of being prepared is to have a dedicated expert managing your finances. Save more, earn more, and keep a tidy sum squared away for those rainy days. With the right expert, you can forget all about financial woes.

Self-Image Management

Yes, there is such a thing as self-image management. It’s a dynamic and positive process where the impact of your appearance and interpersonal skills (on yourself and others) is continuously evaluated and adjusted. It’s essential, because you need to create an authentic, appealing , and professional self-image which everyone will welcome, and this applies to your personal life as well as to your career. When it’s managed right, what do you get? Far more opportunities than you ever thought possible to take you to a next level as a person and as a professional.

Press Event

What’s the purpose of your press event? This question might seem deceptively simple, but it is, in fact, very important. Do you want to promote a new product or idea? Are you looking to build a partnership or collaboration? How are you going to organise the event and ensure that it garners the desired level of attention, that it leads to action and doesn’t fizzle out? Our PR event planning experts have seen it all and done it all and know exactly how to help you reach those specific goals. With their guidance, your press event is sure to be a success.

Crisis Preparedness

We live in an uncertain world, but there is no need for you to constantly worry about an upcoming crisis. If we are doing enough to ensure that in the face of a crisis, we are prepared through the appropriate risk mitigation and exit strategy, we can sleep a little easier. In this day and age, with an ongoing pandemic and a volatile economic and political climate around the world, you need a crisis management expert by your side to plan for the worst-case scenario, and have a contingency plan in place to survive and thrive, no matter how tough things might get.

Reputation Management

We have worked with the top reputation management consultants over the past few decades. Everyone, from CEOs and entrepreneurs to affluent individuals and celebrities, has appointed us to build and maintain a solid reputation, both online and offline. Our reputation management consultant will assess each situation on a case-by-case basis and advise on the best way to build and maintain a reputation that reflects your vision, idea, or message positively.

Strategic Item Sourcing and Consulting

Our lifestyle management experts also offer tailored personal shopping and product sourcing services, helping you find that ultra-rare collectables and highly sought-after gifts for those special people in your circle of friends and family. Whether it’s the latest brand clothing, rare and near-priceless jewellery sets and artwork, limited edition luxury watches, or one-of-a-kind cars, your personal shopping assistant will not only help you acquire any items of interest but also manage your entire shopping spree, so you can relax and tend to other important matters.

PR and Communication Services

We offer strategic communication and PR support to the nation’s leading A-listers, including celebrities, politicians and millionaires, advising them on the most important and sensitive issues. The world’s most successful people rely on our PR and communication services for one central reason: we understand how they can get exposed to many media and public attention matters each day, and we know how to help them overcome the most complex issues. You can build a reputation that lends you authority and happiness with our support.

Social Media Management

Whether you’re an A-list celebrity, athlete, politician, or affluent individual, your online presence must evolve regularly. We are living in a digital age that has never been seen before. Any rumour gets around fast, and so your online presence can make or break you. Our social media management team has worked with a variety of VIPs in positions of power and influence, and we have helped them garner not just the maximum number of likes and a massive following, but also a broad social media presence, tailored to their specific goals.

Public Relations

It can be difficult to secure positive press if you have a massive following. Our public relations services have benefited everyone from athletes to royals, as we helped them leverage the press to enhance their reputations, influence their business partners, build relationships, and gain a powerful edge to drive their success. We will strategically manage perceptions around you while fiercely protecting your privacy.

Campaign & Communication Planning

Ask yourself: what’s the best way to have a strategic advantage as you broadcast your message or vision to the world? Successful people always use carefully planned and complex communication & PR campaigns to shape perceptions of their business partners, followers, stakeholders, and anyone else important for their goals. They also seek to influence decision-making and build a beneficial network of contacts. Our campaign and communication planning team knows how to be strategic and highly analytic in their approach to craft the best communication techniques to get your message across and accomplish many other goals at the same time.

Real Estate Consulting & Management

Our real estate consultant will dedicate their efforts to your needs to understand your real estate preferences and goals down the tiniest detail. As nationwide renowned real estate consulting specialists, we have access to not just the regular market but also an exclusive sector, discreetly marketed and accessible only to select individuals. We also specialise in architecture, design and maintenance to help you choose the right aesthetics for your tastes and lifestyles.

We are happy to help you find the right property, prepare your home for a sale, or find you the best maintenance specialist.

Wealth Management

Everyone and wealthy people especially face regular issues with taxation, regulation, and wealth management, and this applies to celebrities and royals as well. Our wealth management team specialises in helping you build a structured financial strategy to invest with a view on capital preservation.

However, they also understand that great wealth management isn’t just limited to overcoming taxation and regulation hurdles or building a portfolio. It’s about having a personalised, global, and holistic approach to assessing your needs and providing long-term wealth and financial management solutions. Our wealth planners will get to know each aspect of your life and tailor an ongoing strategy based on what you require.

Business Transaction Services

Our contracting and negotiation services team will ensure that your contract negotiations are fully in line with your expectations. They will check that a proposed contract is thoroughly reviewed and accurate. In addition, our team will manage any disagreements in the terms and conditions to find a win-win scenario.

Don’t let poor contract management make you miss renewals or accept deals at non-competitive rates. Our contact management and negotiation specialists will ensure the best possible contract for you and your suppliers. We have negotiated thousands of contracts on behalf of our clients, getting them the most beneficial contract terms, conditions, and price points.